Post Rehab Exercise/Post Physical Therapy Exercise

Destination Fitness works closely with patients who have been discharged from Physical Therapy at Marianjoy Rehab Hospital and the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab formerly The Rehab Institute of Chicago, to help them continue their post Physical Therapy recovery in the comfort of their homes with exercise.

Our Certified Personal Trainers and Exercise Physiologists have received extensive and specialized training to work with clients from post surgery or stroke to recovery from accidents or illness. We will follow your post Physical Therapy recommendations and help you navigate the recovery process through exercise in your home. Our trainers offer patience and guidance and treat each and every client with dignity and respect. We also add in a bit of laughter. It has been proven that our brains are effected and rewarded when we introduce happy signals. Laughter has been known to include improved respiration, decrease stress and anxiety and improve mood and resilience. Laughter also raises the serotonin levels in the brain a crucial neurotransmitter vital for feelings of well being and calmness.

We so enjoy helping our clients reach their goals whether it be something small like walking to the mailbox or climbing a mountain. One of our clients was recently quoted as saying: "Work, Work, Work, Progress, Progress, Progress." The hard work truly pays off and our team of specialized trainers can help you on your journey to recovery.

Work, Work, Work, Progress, Progress, Progress. That is the tagline for this picture of our trainer Mark Guthrie and our client Denver.

Denver came to us from the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Northbrook, formally the Rehab Institute of Chicago. Denver had worked with the amazing team of therapists at Shirley Ryan after his stroke.

The Physical Therapy Team at Shirley Ryan referred Denver to us when his Physical Therapy had finished so we could continue to help him with Post Physical Therapy Exercises in his home. When Denver first started with us in May of 2017, he was using a walker to get around. After 2 months of training 3 days per week, he is now walking with a cane. Just like his wife said, Work, Work, Work, Progress, Progress Progress. We love to see the progress and the joy in our clients faces when they reach their goals! Denver's story can help us all realize that with hard work, your goals can be reached no matter what the age!