Adam Dempsay is an Exercise Physiologist with a Bachelor's Degree in Health and Movement Science from Bradley University.  Adam has over 30 years of elite training experience in strength, conditioning, health, and fitness. He works with professional, collegiate, high school, and middle school athletes seeking enhanced performance. He  guides baby boomers in areas of health, injury prevention, weight loss, and disease control. He also assists pre- and post-surgical patients to help them to recover faster from surgery and others to help avoid surgery.

Adam believes: “It is imperative to design and implement a program that successfully addresses each client’s unique needs and desires.”

"There is a serious lack of personal trainers who understand the aging body. I am a middle-aged woman with a multitude of physical challenges (lupus, thoracic osteoarthritis, knee cysts) so finding appropriate exercises that work around these diagnoses has proven nearly impossible for other trainers. Not for Adam. Adam is an experienced trainer with degrees in Cardiac Rehab and Exercise Physiology and it shows. He uses his vast professional and personal experience to customize a program that maintains/increases your strength, balance and mobility without compromising existing physical issues. He is honest and will tell you when you’re not doing what you need to, but he does so with humor and the understanding of someone who’s “been there”. I cannot say enough about how happy I am that Adam has chosen to use his skills to help people like me."
  --Misha R.

I have been training with Adam Dempsay for the past several years. I’ve learned much that’s helped me pre- and post-rotator cuff surgery. Recovering from that was a painful, slow process but Adam’s guidance kept me on track to not only recover my strength and ability, but to exceed all expectations. Now I am preparing for a bodybuilding competition, at the Grand Masters level (over 50 years old). Adam’s skill and expertise is making my training safe and enjoyable. I highly recommend Adam as a personal trainer. He takes the time to assess your individual needs and maximize your workouts in a safe, effective way."
  --Jasmin J.

"Years ago, Adam helped me recover from an automobile accident which left me with a crushed foot and a femur broken in twelve pieces.  I’m pleased to say with some great training, hard work, and time I have made a full recovery.  None of which would have been possible without Adam’s expertise and dedication to my well being."
  --Tony C