Dan is a certified personal trainer. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Education with emphasis on Exercise Physiology. He has a double minor in business management and athletic training. He has seven years experience in the athletic training field with both Western Michigan University and Northwestern University.

Dan has worked in a hospital setting as well as working as a personal trainer for more than 17 years. Dan enjoys golf, softball, and coaching. Dan loves to teach sport-specific fundamentals as well as many sport-related programs. He is a former rehabilitation coordinator and director of education of a private training firm in the Chicago area.

Dan is very technical with his training, and he has the ability to assess minor injuries. He will incorporate a program that works well with you and your physician. He helps clients develop a better understanding of how injuries happen and can be prevented.  Dan has been working with clients from Destination Fitness for the past 15 years!

Dan trains our clients in the Milwaukee area!