Marty is one of our most beloved trainers.  He has the ability to help his clients reach goals far past what they thought they ever could!

Marty enjoys working with all age groups, but particularly, with the over 40 age group individuals who are trying to regain and maintain their past fitness qualities. Marianjoy Rehabilitation regularly refers their clients to Destination Fitness due to the amazing care and reaching of goals that Marty helps his clients achieve.

Marty enjoys working with clients on a one on one basis to bring out the very best of their potential. He understands precisely what it takes to activate the inner passion that we all possess.  He is a strong believer in the mind, muscle link. The body will go where the mind takes it.

Intensity, focus and persistence are the necessary traits to bring out the very best in each one of us.

After a long career in the food manufacturing business, Marty retired and became certified with NESTA (National Exercise Sports Training Association). He has extensive knowledge with the application of everyday fitness goals as well as sports related conditioning.

He is a Vietnam era veteran, and played both college and semi professional football.

He has also helped clients who have had multiple injuries and illnesses become active and fit.  He has worked with clients who were substance dependent (tobacco, alcohol) and had great success in utilizing the benefits of regular exercise in overcoming these dependencies.

Marty and his wife live in the South Suburbs of Chicago. In addition to the South and West Suburbs, Marty is available and ready to support clients in Northwest Indiana.

Marty offers in home personal training in Tinley Park, Downers Grove, Lombard, Hazel Crest, Olympia Fields, Orland Park, Bolingbrook, Palos Hills, Chicago Ridge, Chicago, Woodridge, Clarendon Hills, Wheaton, Naperville, Westmont, Oak Park. Marty also offers in home personal training in Merrillville, Hammond, and Munster Indiana.  Marty has been training clients from Destination Fitness for the past 7 years!

sunStarting with Destination Fitness (Marty) has been one of the best decisions I have made.  In combination with intially seeing a nutritionist, I was able to get my health on track to make signficant lifestyle changes. As an educator, I delved into the research on motivation and weight loss trying to understand why I was not able to motivate myself to exercise and lose weight.  What came up over and over again in the literature was SUPPORT. I needed support. DF provided that.  Marty came to my house and was such a professional. I had been to a  personal trainer before, but had no idea how untrained he was until I met Marty. Marty is extremely skillful and knowledgeable, and on top of that just a wonderful individual with whom to work. When I trained before, I was getting injured on a regular basis, I have never had any issues with DF, and Marty knows how and when to push, and when to back off. He also makes the workouts fun, so I look forward to them.  Importantly for me, having someone come to my house takes the decision-making out of working out, and thankfully the issue of motivation is taken out of the equation. In addition, as a single parent, I can still keep a watchful eye on the children and dinner as need be. It has all worked very well.

I think the nutritionist was also very important because I did not have the information or SUPPORT to make the required changes. She helped me set up an intial plan and target trouble spots, and cheer me on.  Most importantly, she had a professional scale that told me fat percentage, water weight, and muscle weight. Initially, when I was training and not losing weight I would have gotten discouraged, but with her scale I was able to see that I was actually turning fat into muscle, so I did not get discouraged.  Soon thereafter the weight started coming off.

Thus far, I have lost about 19 pounds, and it is delightful. Most importantly I feel stronger, my arthritis is better, and my mood is improved. I also crave healthy foods now, not sugars and junk. I have made a lifestyle change that I could not have imagined myself doing, but as I said, the research was very clear that the variable missing was SUPPORT. Destination Fitness provided that.

Thank you
One happy Mom from Indiana!