Fundraising Requests

Since Destination Fitness opened its doors, our firm has always been willing to help any fundraiser that our clients feel is a worthy cause. Over the past 20 years we have donated to over 600 galas, fundraisers, or golf outings.

All donations must be made to charity organizations in the Chicagoland or Milwaukee area. To request a donation, please contact Jill Lindberg at (847) 370-3011.

Gift Baskets

If you would like Destination Fitness to donate to a gala or benefit you feel needs our donation, please contact us, and we will put together a gift basket or gift certificate package including:

  • Two one-hour in home personal training sessions either regular sessions or sports specific (golf specific exercise sessions to improve your golf swing)
  • One-hour health consultation with owner Jill Lindberg
  • $75.00 off Registered Dietitian Services

Donations are in the form of a gift certificate, however Gift Baskets can be created to fit the theme of the fundraising event.

Fundraising Golf Outings

Destination Fitness is also available to pamper golfers at fundraising golf outings. We will provide any golfer who attends with a complimentary massage and stretching session.

We also offer another option, a 15-minute stretching session to be done in unison with the golfers at the outing. This is a fun way to get the golfers limbered up before the match. We provide 15-minute choreographed stretching routine with music that each golfer does with his or her golf club.

Dr. Kristy Kajinski, Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs and Massage Therapist Carrie Stark

Ron Santo and Marty Malone


Proud sponsor of the Murray Brothers Golf Outing! Bill Murray massaging one of our Massage Therapists prior tee off time!

Thank you once again for your help with the Ron Santo Golf Experience.  You put on a spectacular production and I think it takes the whole golf outing to another level!  Paul, 2003

Thanks for bringing the wonderful massage operation out to the Ron Santo Golf Outing.  I know it was a lot of work for you, but the golfers clearly loved it.  I'm told that the last few guys pretty much had to be dragged away so that the tournament could get started.  What a great way to kick off the event!  Paul, 2004

Thanks again for setting up the delightful massage station at the Ron Santo Golf outing. I don't have to tell you that the golfers love it--you've seen it for yourself. It adds a bit of magic to the event. It's the extra little things that make a golf outing a standout. -- Paul, Ron Santo Golf Experience May 2012


For the past 8 years, we have had the privilege of working with JDRF and the Ron Santo Golf Experience.