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Taking Care of Your Wrists

Smartphones, computers, and tablets are wonders of technology. However, daily use of these devices can cause you to make repetitive and often awkward hand and wrist movements that can sometimes result in pain or stiffness.

If you are a frequent user of your mouse, tablet or phone or a gaming control, it is important to keep your hands and wrists flexible and...

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How to Exercise outdoors during Chiberia!

winter workout Cold weather does not mean the end of exercise.  With the frigid temps we are currently experiencing one typically feels like not exercising at all, but staying indoors in your jammies all day!  The past few days have tested us all.  Even our local YMCA closed it's doors for two days during what they are calling Chiberia!  With...
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Leaf Raking 101

leaf raking photoMany of us love fall:  crisp air, football games, colorful trees and even those leaves on the ground in your yard.  Raking leaves gives you the perfect opportunity to get outside, get some fresh air, and get in a good workout.  Best of all, your lawn with thank you! According to Barbara Ainsworth, an exercise epidemiologist at San Diego...
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Your Knees Sure Take A Pounding

The American Journal of Sports Medicine recently published some findings on our knees. Did you know that female athletes use their leg muscles differently than male athletes. This may explain why females are more likely to injure their knees. Females have less control of their hip muscles, which in turn puts more stress on their knees. Less knee stability causes a possible risk for tearing of their...
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Exercise Alternative to Flu Vaccine

By Jennifer Rokusek Excerpts taken from In the past we have quoted excerpts from Dr. Mercola’s book “Total Health.” Dr. Mercola is an excellent M.D. who lives right here in Illinois. It is Dr. Mercola’s vision to transform the existing medical paradigm from one addicted to pharmaceuticals, surgeries and other methods that only conceal or remove specific symptoms - with morbid results to our health and economy -...
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