Deskercises with Destination Fitness

deskerciseDo you have a desk job? Do you suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain from your desk job? Would you like to know how you can learn strengthening and stretching exercises at your desk to combat the pain?

If so, contact your HR Department and have them give us a call to set up our Deskercise Lecture with Dan Conroy.

Dan will teach your group how to exercise while at your desk to avoid back and neck pain due to sitting.

His lecture is part comedy skit, part lecture demonstration, including proper seat height and computer monitor height to avoid neck and eye strain, and lots of fun! A hand out will be given to all who attend with exercises you can do on your own after Dan leaves. Plus free give away's too!

Give our office a call today to schedule your Deskercise Lecture for your office. Your employees and their backs and necks will thank you!