Fit Fun 4 Kids

More and more children are becoming overweight due to too much junk food, inactivity and a fast paced society. At this time Illinois still has Physical Education in their schools. However, many children do not get any form of exercise at home or outside of the school. With our help, you can teach your children to build healthy habits to keep them from becoming overweight in the future.

Fit Fun 4 Kids is a fantastic fun program that can be introduced into your school and will not take away any money from your budget. Best of all, the state of Illinois has funding available for our service.

Click here to read how school children learned how to eat healthy in the Fit Fun 4 Kids program.

An overweight child has a 50% chance of becoming an overweight adult. Many outdoor activates are being replaced by video and computer games. Twenty years ago 6% of children were overweight, today it is 15%. The effect of overweight children and teens leads to depression, emotional and psychological scarring of being teased, low self-esteem, withdrawal and a decline in school work and social activities. Our week long activity packet can help to decrease those high statistics.

Fit Fun 4 Kids Nutrition Week, provided by Destination Fitness, is a great way for you as the teacher and school to add to your health unit. This packet is filled with games, activities and lesson plans that include the state standards for Health and P.E. class and activities for an all school assembly at the end of the week to wrap up.

The assembly includes an Iron Chef Contest (based off of the Food Network show) that we lovingly call Microwave Chef. The Microwave Chefs will include 15 of your students selected based on their essay entitled "Why I should be a Chef." All of the food and preparation tools will be brought in by us on assembly day. The Iron Chef contest consists of three groups of five, with the chefs being a Local Mystery Chef, Destinations Fitness' Nutritionist and a faculty member of your choosing. Each group will create a healthy appetizer, entrée and dessert. The only tools you will need to provide will are 3 microwaves, 7 banquet sized tables and 3 chairs. Three judges will also be chosen from your school.  You can get creative when choosing the judges. While the chefs are cooking there will be different activates for the students in the audience to participate in. Such activates are: "Fear Factor Food", food relay races, and the Identification game (feel and touch funky foods from far away lands). We realize that some children have food allergies, please be aware of that when selecting student participants. At the end of the assembly each chef will receive a chef hat and medal for participating in Nutrition Week. Each student can receive a mini cookbook of the delicious recipes that the chefs created, so that they too can create them for their families!

Things that you can do to help make Fit Fun 4 Kids Nutrition Week a success: Call your school district to apply for a grant or funding so you can purchase the packet. Contact your PTO to get volunteers to help with the games on assembly day and organize a fund raiser to purchase the aprons which will be worn by your chefs, call you local newspaper to help bring awareness to other families, talk with your AV department so the Microwave Chef can be projected onto a big screen for all to see.

Fit Fun 4 Kids Nutrition Week is a great way to help kids stay active, eat healthy and decrease their odds of becoming an obese adult. State funding is available for this packet so it will not cost your district any money from the budget. This packet provides all the necessary tools for you for the week, wrapped up with an a fun all school assembly. Together we can decrease the statistics of obese children.


Thank you for all your efforts with the Duker Wellness Week and Microwave Chef Assembly. It would not have been such a success without all your creative ideas, excellent planning and hard work. It was a pleasure working with you, I hope we will be able to continue the event in the future. -- Jim, Duker Elementary School, McHenry IL, January 2012