Golf Fitness Academy

Golfers can learn to train like a Tour pro this season with Destination Fitness' Golf Fitness Academy!

Ask any golf pro and they will tell you that adding fitness has helped them advance into a high performing athlete who drive the ball farther, shoot lower scores and play the game they love longer!

Our Certified Personal Trainer and TPI CGFI (Certified Golf Fitness Instructor) John Abramowicz can achieve this for you using slow motion video capture.

Destination Fitness' Golf Academy includes:

  • See how your physical limitations affect your golf swing through slow motion capture
  • Gain strength, flexibility, neuromuscular control, joint mobility, balance, stability and power
  • Physical assessment including posture, evaluation, manual muscle testing of all the body's muscle groups and a series of 12 movements to assess your strength, stability, mobility, balance and flexibility
  • Using a high speed camera, John will capture your swing in frame-by-frame slow motion
  • This invaluable tool allows you to see how your physical limitations can lead to swing flaws
  • John will evaluate the footage with you and prescribe a fitness regimen including 4-6 strength exercises and 3-4 flexibility exercises to help turn you into a golf pro!
  • Candidates will receive easy to follow written instruction or one on one instruction along with a complete photographic illustration.

Call today so you can shave strokes off your game and lower your handicap!