Learn and Lose

Did you ever wonder why so many diet programs fail? Over the past 12 years, I along with my staff of 30 Certified Personal Trainers and Wellness Consultants have helped over 500 clients reach their fitness and wellness goals. As I met each and every client they all would say the same thing….
”I’ve tried multiple weight loss programs and nothing works!”

So I asked myself why? Why do so many plans fail from hospital run obesity workshops to community based support groups? I discovered there is not one program that takes into account a person’s individualized health history. A weight loss program cannot be structured into a “one size fits all” format. No two people are the same; therefore an individualized plan must be created to reach optimal results. Then I realized, we have the plan, we know it works, we have helped so many lose weight and keep it off. How can we get our tried and true methods to the public? The answer is you! You can help put this program on through your organization and help your community become healthy!

“Learn and Lose” is a one day program you can present to your community or company for people struggling with weight loss who will learn the proper techniques to lose weight and keep it off. Our smarter team approach includes a panel consisting of a doctor, Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainers, and a Metabolic Consultant. All who will guide your patrons on a path of learning and losing.

Here are just a few things your patrons will learn during our program:

  • Individualized overview of health and dietary history with our doctor, Registered Dietitian, health and wellness team
  • Lectures from our panel of health and wellness specialists
  • Nutritionally sound weekly menu planning
  • Learn and Lose lessons that will last a lifetime

Call now to discuss implementing this life changing program for your community.