Mountaineering & Expedition Fitness Training

mountianHave you ever dreamed of taking an adventure filled outdoor vacation?

Mountain climbing, river rafting, hiking the Appalachian trail?

Trekking the North Pole perhaps?

Our trainer, Dan Conroy, has trained many of our clients to help them prepare for their adventures. He even trained a client so she could reach the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Dan simulates the environment and elements you may experience on your adventure. He will help you understand what obstacles you may encounter and prepare you for them. Best of all, he will help you understand what to carry with you in your day pack to combat any surprises that come along the way. If you dream it, we can help you achieve it!

Call today and start training for the adventure of a lifetime!

Betsy and Josh contacted us to help them reach a very high goal.  A goal that was 19,341′ feet in fact and located in the Kilamnjaro Region of Tanzania!

Their wish was to climb Mr. Kilimanjaro and hired our trainer Dan Conroy to help them prepare.  Betsy gave us permission to share their story and photos too!

Dan and I are so very proud of Betsy and Josh! We all have mountains we need to climb in our lives and Destination Fitness can help you reach them! -- Jill and Dan

BetsyJosh1"We have successfully made it off the mountain! It was a great experience. We started our hike at 1800m around noon Sunday July 16 and reached Stella point at 5795m at 7am Friday July 21. We immediately descended back down to base camp (4600m), rested for what seemed like minutes, then descended the rest of the way down the mountain.

The first five days of hiking were amazing--just like you said Dan. We were able to enjoy the amazing views and always changing scenery because the hiking wasn't overly challenging. We hardly felt any affects of the elevation until "summit day" (Friday morning).

We left camp at midnight and by about 1:30am, I was feeling horrible. Josh joined me in feeling horrible shortly thereafter. Despite the many stops to vomit, the guides let us keep going. As soon as we reached Stella point and took one quick picture, they made us descend which was fine because I could not have physically gone up any further; I could barely go down.

There were a few times on the descent that both of us nearly passed out. It was definitely the most I have ever pushed myself. It is the best and worst thing I have ever done.

I am happy to say that we are both injury free. I have one blister on my heel and Josh's knees were very sore (both from the 8+ hour descent), but overall we are in good condition!

Thank you Dan for getting us ready for this experience of a lifetime. I think we will be staying below 10,000 ft for awhile now. But we are thinking about our next endeavor-- something on a much smaller scale--maybe a half marathon this fall.

Regards, Betsy