Physical Rehabilitation In Huntley, IL

Destination Fitness has an impeccable reputation for helping our clients reach their rehabilitative exercise goals in the comfort of their home in Huntley Illinois.  For over 20 years our team of expert exercise physiologists, certified personal trainers, exercise specialists, bio mechanical specialists and rehab exercise specialists will help you reach your goals in your own home environment. 

Our exceptional team will help you move forward with your recovery, and we do it with the respect and patience you deserve.  

Physical Rehabilitation Services in Huntley, IL

In-Home Rehabilitation in Huntley, IL

Have you finished your physical therapy program from a fall, injury or illness but still feel you have not reached your recovery goals?  Our phenomenal in-home rehabilitation exercise specialists and bio mechanical specialists cater to clients in Huntley Illinois and have been doing so for the past 21 years.  Our rehab specialists will construct a custom rehabilitative exercise program to help you recover in a positive, productive way.  Our team treats all our clients with the utmost care and respect.

Our skilled exercise rehab specialists in Huntley, IL are simply the best.  Are you having an issue with mobility?  Do you feel you have lost strength?   Our team can help you reach your mobility and rehabilitative recovery goals no matter how large or small in the comfort of your home.  Our experienced team can help you stay on the road to recovery and make positive changes to help you live your best life ever!

Post Rehabilitation Exercise in Huntley, IL

Hundreds of happy clients have gotten their lives back on track after recovering from a fall, injury, accident, or surgery.   We always tell our clients, never give up, there is always hope in recovery.   We have given hope to our clients by constructing personally designed programs to assist in recovery in the comfort of their home in Huntley, IL.  

Studies have shown that most patients who finish physical therapy usually do not follow their at home exercise program.  Hundreds of our clients have reached expectations far above and beyond their imagination.  Nothing pleases our team more than when we witness our clients achieve a goal, they never thought they could accomplish.

Post Physical Therapy Exercise in Huntley, IL

Many times, insurance will not cover all the physical therapy that you feel you may need, and you are sent home with a program of at home exercises to perform on your own.  Our accomplished team of post physical therapy rehab specialists will create a personalized program that focuses on you and your recovery. 

We have had the pleasure of working in conjunction with Shirley Ryan Ability Lab which is the number one rehabilitative hospital in the country for the past 15 years.  We have also worked in conjunction with Marianjoy Rehab Hospital.  It is our pleasure to help their patients continue recovery in their homes in Huntley and beyond.  We have helped our clients continue in their recovery from injury, post stroke, surgery recovery and traumatic brain injury.  

For over 20 years we have helped our clients reach their recovery goals in Huntley.  If you feel stuck in your recovery, please give us a call.  We would love to help you reach your goals in the comfort of your home with the patience and respect you deserve.

Senior Fitness in Huntley, IL

Do you feel like you are losing strength and struggling with mobility?  Our trusted, experienced team will create a custom exercise program to help you prevent falls through exercise.  Our trustworthy senior exercise specialists will work with you in the comfort of your home and help you gain self-confidence, agility, and strength. We can help you feel strong and confident in Huntley so that you can age gracefully and continue to live the life you were meant to live! 

Our trustworthy, experienced staff have worked with clients from 60 years to 100!  In fact, one of our current clients is 99 years old!  Our caring attitude shines through each and every day as we help our clients stay strong and balanced. It is so very important to stay mobile as we age so we can continue to enjoy life to the fullest!  Our team can keep you moving and motivated!

Nutritional Counseling in Huntley, IL

Do you struggle with healthy eating options in Huntley?  Are you stuck in a diet program that doesn’t fit your needs?  Our amazing Registered Dietitian Melissa McDonald can custom create a menu plan created specifically just for you, that will take into account your food likes and dislikes, your medications, allergies and any medical issues. 

Busy days make it hard to stick to a healthy eating plan. 

Our Registered Dietitian can teach you how to make healthy choices that can last a lifetime!  If you are eating in a restaurant, a drive through or at home, Melissa can help you make perfect choices to stay on track with your customized program.  

Special Needs Exercise Programs in Huntley, IL

Destination Fitness believes that every person, regardless of their inability or ability, deserves the chance to experience fitness and wellness in Huntley.  Our Master Resistance training specialist and Exercise Physiologists so enjoy providing their time, talents and experience while working with clients with agoraphobia, autism, Down’s Syndrome, panic disorders, brain trauma, Parkinson’s and MS.  We design each and every program specifically for each client’s needs.

The joy can be found in the smiles on the faces of our clients when they have achieved an accomplishment, they never thought they could reach before. It is our pleasure to help our special needs individuals and we do it with the utmost care, patience and guidance.  

Destination Fitness in Huntley, IL

The team from Destination Fitness has been serving clients in Huntley for over 20 years.  Our trustworthy and highly experienced team of Exercise Physiologists, Certified Personal Trainers, movement specialists, post physical therapy exercise specialists, rehab specialists and Registered Dietitian bring years of knowledge to our clients ages 10 to 100 in Huntley. 

A wide range of services are offered to our clients to help achieve goals no matter how large or small.   Our services are offered and customized just for your needs and only you and brought to you in the comfort of your home.  Are you in need of post rehabilitation exercise or senior exercise to help you stay mobile and strong? Are you in need of nutritional advice or menu planning? Would you like to excel at a specific sport you are involved with? 

Our team provides the highest quality services from the most qualified staff in Huntley.  Our experienced team promotes positive results in your own home promoting trust, wellbeing, and safety. Contact us today!