Physical Rehabilitation In Lake Forest, IL

Our mission is to provide the highest quality personal training and post rehab services from the highest qualified trainers, bio mechanical specialists, exercise physiologists and rehab exercise specialists in Lake Forest. Our services both motivate and positively impact the overall health of our clients in an in-home environment that promotes trust, well-being and safety.

Physical Rehabilitation Services in Lake Forest, IL

In-Home Rehabilitation in Lake Forest, IL

For the past 20 years our amazing in-home rehabilitation exercise therapists and bio mechanical specialists have been serving clients in Lake Forest.  If transportation issues have kept you away from your physical therapy sessions, we can help!  Are you recovering from an injury, surgery, fall or imbalance?   Our team will come to you and create a custom designed program with your Physical Therapists recommendations to continue the healing process in the comfort of your home. 

We staff the most experienced Exercise Rehab Specialists in Lake Forest. Our team has helped clients from all walks of life by setting realistic goals that will positively impact your overall health and we do so with dignity and respect.  You deserve to live your best life and we can help you get there!

Post Rehabilitation Exercise in Lake Forest, IL

For the past 20 years our team of exercise rehab specialists has been giving hope and helping our clients get their lives back on track.  Are you having trouble following your in-home exercises from your physical therapist?  Our specialized team of exercise rehab specialists will create a custom home exercise program to help you continue your recovery in Lake Forest. We are committed to helping you reach your goals in the comfort of your home.

Studies show that most released from a physical therapy program do not follow their at home exercise program.  Our clients have reached expectations above and beyond what they thought they could with the help of our amazing team of rehab exercise specialists in Lake Forest who give you their undivided attention.  

Post Physical Therapy Exercise in Lake Forest, IL

Are you finished with your physical therapy but still have not reached your goals?  Now is the time to set up a post physical therapy program with your physical therapist and your in-home exercise specialist with Destination Fitness. For years we have worked hand in hand with Shirley Ryan Ability Lab and Marianjoy Rehab Hospital in helping their patients continue recovery in the comfort of their home.  We specialize in post stroke, injury recovery, surgery recovery and traumatic brain injury.  

For the past 20 years our team has helped our clients reach their recovery goals in the comfort of their home in Lake Forest, achieving goals they never thought were attainable.   Our team can help you feel stronger and reach your strength and mobility goals with care, dignity and respect that you deserve.

Senior Fitness in  Lake Forest, IL

Do you have a senior family member who is struggling with mobility and declining in strength?  Our respected senior exercise specialists will visit your loved one in their home to help them gain strength, agility, balance, and self-confidence.  Everyone deserves to live their best life and our team can help your loved one in Lake Forest stay mobile for longer as they age.

Strengthening exercises can be a huge benefit as you age!  We have worked with clients from 60 years to 100!  We do it with respect, and a caring attitude your loved one deserves. As we age, staying mobile and living in your own home is so very important for your wellbeing.  Our team can help your loved one reach their goals and keep their confidence level high.  

Golf Fitness Academy in Lake Forest, IL

Every golfer wants to improve their golf swing, drive the ball further and shoot lower scores!  Our Certified Golf Fitness Instructor can evaluate your swing and custom create a golf fitness routine to help you achieve your golfing goals in Lake Forest.  Using our slow-motion video capture system, we can access your posture, swing, balance and flexibility.  

After your evaluation our golf fitness instructor will create a program specifically for you to help you increase performance and swing speed, improve your golf score and avoid chance of injury.  Let us help you have the best game of your life!

Nutritional Counseling in Lake Forest, IL

Do you need help eating properly to lose weight, recover from an illness or learn to eat healthy to live your best life ever?  Our Registered Dietitian can custom create a menu plan that takes into account your likes and dislikes, your activity level, food allergies and medications.  

If you live a busy lifestyle and can’t fit good eating habits into your daily routine, we can help.  

Our Registered Dietitian can teach you how to make healthy choices whether you are eating in a restaurant, drive through or eating at home in Lake Forest.  We can incorporate the foods you love and teach you new ways to cook with small changes to make long lasting results!  

Virtual Exercise Training in Lake Forest, IL

If you cannot exercise due to travel or feel uncomfortable due to Covid, we can help you reach your exercise goals in the comfort of your home in Lake Forest with virtual exercise training.  Using the Zoom or Facetime platform, we can custom create a routine specifically designed for you using the equipment you have in your home.  

Our virtual exercise sessions are offered at a reduced rate.  The first step is to call our office so that we can take down your health history information. By learning about your goals and needs, we can help you achieve any accomplishment you put your mind to!

Deskercises in Lake Forest, IL

Is your desk job causing pain in your neck and back?  Do you suffer from eye strain and headaches?  Our biomechanical specialist can give you tips to exercise and stretch at your desk to alleviate the discomfort that improper sitting causes during the work day.  We will evaluate your chair, computer monitor and desk height in Lake Forest and give you recommendations to alleviate eye strain, back and neck discomfort.

Sitting in an ill-fitting desk chair can cause discomfort that can last for days.  Let us evaluate you and your entire office with our Deskercise Lecture so that you can have a pain free work day!

Special Needs Exercise Programs in Lake Forest, IL

Destination Fitness believes that every person, regardless of their ability, or inability deserves the chance to experience fitness in Lake Forest. Our certified personal trainers and Master Resistance training specialist, provide their time, talent and expertise working with clients with autism, agoraphobia, panic disorders, Down’s Syndrome, brain trauma and MS.  Each program is created specifically for the client’s needs.

Our team will will create an exercise program geared towards each individual's needs. Seeing the joy in our clients faces as they meet one of their goals is the best gift ever!

Destination Fitness in Lake Forest, IL

Destination Fitness has been serving the Lake Forest area for over 20 years. We offer a wide range of exercise and post rehabilitative exercise services.  Each service we offer is created just for you and only you to help you reach your specific goals and needs.   Whether you need post rehabilitation exercise, senior exercise, nutrition advice, or special needs exercise. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality services from the most qualified staff in Lake Forest. Our services increase the overall health of our clients in an in-home environment that promotes trust, well-being and safety.

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