Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise

Building up and maintaining cardiovascular endurance is essential for the pregnant woman and a healthy baby. We specialize in building core muscle strength to help ease you through the birthing process.

After the birth of your baby, we will be on hand to help you work off those extra pregnancy pounds. Our team of Certified Personal Trainers will focus on functional training to gain core strength used in lifting baby, stroller and placing baby in and out of car seat.

Pregnancy Exercise can:

  • Boost your energy level
  • Help you sleep better
  • Reduce pregnancy discomfort
  • Ease labor and shorten delivery time

Nutritional Solutions for Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy

Our team of nutritional consultants will help you choose a wholesome nutritional plan to help maintain proper health for you and your baby!

Our Metabolic Consultant can test your metabolism to find out exactly how many calories you need to ingest each day to ensure a healthy pregnancy and post pregnancy.

"Babies touch the world with love." -- Author Unknown

I have been using Destination Fitness for quite a few months now. I am very pleased with the services.  My trainer, Helen, is excellent! She is so nice and keeps me motivated.  I am 31 weeks pregnant and she knows exactly what exercises to have me do and not do, and always knows when it's time to slow things down. Thanks Destination Fitness! -- J from McHenry, IL