Senior Exercise and Exercise Therapy

seniors2Senior Exercise: You are never too old to begin! As you grow older, leading an active lifestyle is more important than ever. Regular exercise helps seniors maintain health, boost energy, and improve confidence.

Our Senior Fitness Specialists and Exercise Therapists will help create a safe, yet effective exercise routine to help with balance, flexibility, coordination and agility.  We teach functional training to help strengthen the muscles used in daily activity.

Whether it’s helping recover from a fall or surgery, or keeping you strong so you can experience life to its fullest!  Our Senior Fitness Specialists will not only help with exercise but will also give advice on safety in the home to prevent falls and to help make daily living a breeze!

"We have really enjoyed integrating Destination Fitness into our discharge planning with our PT patients. Having a personal trainer who can go to them improves the carryover of exercises given in therapy and helps keep patients active after their discharge."

- Kelly, Physical Therapist, Marianjoy Rehabilitative Hospital Physical Therapy

Exercise Therapy and Pre or Post Rehabilitative Exercise: Intended to recondition and to speed recovery to injured areas, post injury, or to strengthen areas prior to surgery. Destination Fitness works closely with Marionjoy Rehabilitation Institute in Wheaton, Illinois, The Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, formerly The Rehab Institute of Chicago, along with other Physical Therapy Institutes.

We continue your care when Physical Therapy has ended, providing Exercise Therapy in the comfort of your home to help regain balance, strength and mobility.

Senior/Restorative Mobility Installations:

Our team of Licensed and Bonded Technicians can install Grab Bars for bathroom, shower and hallways. High raised toilets or raised toilet seats and ramps.


Lifeway Mobility is an accessibility solutions company that provides a wide variety of ramps, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, transfer aids, and bath safety solutions.

Elderwerks is a not-for-profit organization helping to find assisted living or any type of senior housing or elder care solutions for your or your loved ones.

Bardwell Residences is a provider of assisted living and memory care services, we strive to offer a lifestyle of dignity and independence.