Pam is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) in Hatha yoga, with over 300 hours of education in yoga, including study in techniques, teaching methodology, anatomy, and philosophy. From the time she was a girl in gymnastics and dance, keeping fit was always her desire. Pam enjoyed many fitness activities including biking, weights, aerobics, pilates, and swimming. She began practicing yoga eight years ago and enjoyed the fitness results as well as the benefits of relief from chronic back pain and stress.

After working in corporate sales for nine years and raising her daughter, it was time to shift her focus. Wanting to learn more about yoga, she earned her teaching certificate, so she could share her love of yoga with others. As an elective of her training program, she focused on yoga for golfers, helping them gain flexibility, balance, and concentration.

Pam, her husband, and her daughter enjoy all sports, especially soccer, golf, and biking. Her other interests include a passion for gardening, cooking, and decorating. Most of all, she enjoys teaching yoga to all, bringing peace and harmony into the lives of her students, if only for an hour at a time.