I believe that people want to exercise and eat healthy and but either don’t have time or just don’t know how to get started. Studies show that exercise coupled with good nutrition can improve performance, decrease recovery time from strenuous activity, prevent injuries, control weight, and reduce chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and possibly some cancers.

Working for many years in corporate America, I experienced first hand how difficult it is to find the time to balance friends, family, exercise and eating healthy. I became a Personal Trainer and Personal Fitness Chef to help people insert health and fitness into their lives wherever and however it fits them best. When I work with clients, I am very focused on proper form and movement. I believe that with a little hard work anything can be achieved. I am certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, including a Certification as Senior Fitness Specialist and have experience working with a broad range of clients including; executives and professionals, busy families, expectant mothers, special needs and injuries, elderly, children and anyone who is looking for some extra motivation to lose weight or improve their already healthy lifestyle.

Sara offers training in Chicago and the North shore communities.